Stargard, Carl L.

Also Known As Stargard, Carl L.
Also Known As Stargard, Charles
Birth Name Stargardt, Carl L.
Gramps ID I0182
Gender male
Age at Death 80 years, 2 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth 1823-06-25 Preuβen  
Occupation   Theresa, Dodge Cty, Wisconsin, USA Farmer
2a 3a
Census 1860 Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Census 1870 Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Census 1875 Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Source Note

In the Wisconsin State Census of 1875, Carl Stargard is listed as living in the town of Ixonia, WI - with a household consisting of three white males and six white females. As of the 1870 US Census, his household was only himself and his son Julius (two males) and his wife Augusta and daughters Louise, Helena, Amelia, and Minna (five females). With the birth of son Carl in 1873, that would make one more male. I have assumed at this point that a female lodger moved in with them during that intervening five years.

Census 1880 Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Census 1900 Oconomowoc, Waukesha Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Death 1903-09-20 Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin, USA  
Burial   Cross Lutheran Cemetery, Ixonia, Dodge Cty, Wisconsin, USA  


    Family of Stargard, Carl L. and Schoen, Augusta D. [F0087]
Married Wife Schoen, Augusta D. [I0183] ( * 1836-04-06 + 1913-10-09 )
Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Marriage 1860    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Stargard, Louise [I0423]1860
Stargard, Amelia [I0424]1861-04-301932-04-17
Stargard, Julius [I0069]1862-07-051934-04-13
Stargard, Helena [I0425]18641948-06-26
Stargard, Wilhelmina [I0426]1866
Stargard, Carl F. [I1439]1873-12-211920-06-09



Carl L. Stargard

Carl L. Stargardt's known life seems to begin in his early thirties; he was one of many Germanic Prussian immigrants to come to America to seek a new life. Searches to try to determine his place of birth and family origins have not turned up much. His obituary and his headstone each give his date of birth as 25th Jun 1823, though finding records to confirm this have found more than one possible candidate. The two most likely each were born and christened in different city districts of Brandenburg, Prussia. The only sure determination from the searches was that the Stargardt name was relatively common, stemming from regional names for both a few villages and a small city in Prussia.

Carl's immigration is not a solved question at this point; I believe that he came to America on his own as an adult. I had initially believed he travelled to Hamburg and boarded the ship Snap Dragon, and disembarked at Castle Garden Immigration Inspection in lower Manhattan on 14th Apr 1856, but closer inspection of the records index shows that Carl Stargard seems to have arrived with a wife and children. The age lines up relatively closely, but there has been no indication that our Carl Stargard was married prior to about 1860 in Wisconsin. (It is possible that he was married and lost his family to illness, as was common at that time, but there's been no indication of that kind of history for our Carl Stargard.) Whether he arrived alone as an adult, or at any age with family (be it his parents or a household of his own) is unknown at this time. From his arrival in America he seems to have made his way west - presumably following friends or possible family, or perhaps just heading where other Prussian immigrants were going.

He lived briefly in Waterville, Waukesha Cty, Wisconsin, and by 1860, he was found farming in Ixonia, Jefferson Cty, Wisconsin. The federal census records for that year show he was married (to Augusta Schoen) with a new daughter (Louise). He made some attempts to become more "American," at times calling himself "Charles" and simplifying the anglicized spelling of his surname to "Stargard," without the final "t," when dealing with the English-speaking population. In church, on records, and when dealing with the other German speakers around him, he seemed to have been strictly Carl Stargardt. By the time of his death his descendants still bearing his surname finally and permanently adopted his new spelling, and even Carl's headstone bears the surname "Stargard."

Like many of the other Prussian families settled between Oconomowoc and Watertown, Carl farmed for his livelihood, eventually on his own land. He and his wife raised six children in all - four boys and two girls. After eldest daughter Louise followed daughter Amelia, son Julius, daughter Helen, daughter Wilhelmina, and youngest son Carl. The family was Lutheran, like many of the other Germans and Prussians around them, and worshipped at Cross Lutheran in Ixonia, which his wife's parents had helped found.

By the time of his death in 1903, at the age of eighty, Carl had been confined to his bed for several months due to poor health. His death left his wife, all six of his children, and twelve surviving grandchildren at that time. Carl was buried with a family monument he would share with his wife after her death, in the parish cemetery at Cross Lutheran Church in Ixonia.


[Obituary for "Charles Stargert" from the Oconomowoc Enterprise, 25 Sep 1903.]

Charles Stargert [sic] died on Sept. 20 at his home in the Town of Ixonia, after an illness of many months, having been confined to his bed since Jan. 1, of this year.

He was born in Germany on June 25, 1823, and came to Amerca [sic] in 1855, coming to Waterville and later to the farm in the Town of Ixonia where he has since resided. He was married 43 years ago to Miss Gusta Schoen, also of Ixonia, who with six children are left to mourn his loss.

The children are: Mrs. Fred Brady, of Columbus; Mrs. Charles Weber, of Loyal; Julius Stargert and Mrs. Henry Kitzrow of Oconomowoc, Mrs. George Sennhenn, of Reeseville, and Charles Stargert at home. Mr. Stargert and his wife were the victims of the assault and robbery which occured nine years ago next month. The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon from the residence to the Lutheran church in Ixonia with burial in Ixonia cemetery.


Note: Researching the daughters of Carl and Augusta (Schoen) Stargard

Carl and Augusta (Schoen) Stargard had four adult daughters who married and had families; establishing their identities has been a minor challenge, as they were frequently named in family obituaries by their husband's name. This, combined with the common German tradition of multiple first and middle names (many of which were used in common), and the choice of used name or nicknames changing over their lives, has made it difficult to determine which daughter married whom. The daughters were all called by the following given names in early census records:

Louise (or Louisa), b. 1860
Emilie (or Amelia), b. 1861
Helena (or Helen, or Lena), b. 1864
Minna (or Wilhelmine, or Wilema - sometimes mistranscribed as Maria), b. 1866

The earliest obituary for the family was for father Carl Stargard, from 25th Sep 1903; in it, the daughters are named:

Mrs. Fred Brady of Columbus
Mrs. Charles Weber of Loyal
Mrs. Henry Kitzrow of Oconomowoc
Mrs. George Sennhenn of Reeseville

The first identity to become established was Mrs. Kitzrow, as there was quickly found a birth record for her daughter Laura Kitzrow which named her parents as Henry Kitzrow and Helen Stargard. Further census records searches show a Henry Kitzrow household in Oconomowoc with either a Lena or Helen Kitzrow as his wife. Henry and Helen are each buried in La Belle Cemetery, very near to where her brother Julius (and his wife, Mathilda) are buried.

The next family death was mother Augusta (Schoen) Stargard, and her obituary from 10th Oct 1913 names the same children, but with a different spelling for Mrs. Fred Brede, and placing Mrs. George Sennhenn in Columbus. The obituary also mentions that Mrs. Weber, along with the younger Carl Stargard, lived "at the home in Ixonia."

The second identity to become established was Mrs. Brede. Census records searches for both spellings (Fred Brady and Fred Brede) show a German-born Fred, born about 1856 or 1857, with a wife Louise or Louisa (born about 1860) with sons Louis and Leonard in the census records from US Censuses from 1900-1920, and in the WI state census of 1905. All of these census records place the family in either Columbus (WI) or in Elba on the east side of Columbus, in Dodge Cty, Wisconsin. I have not yet located burial sites for either Fred or Louise.

The first of the siblings to pass away was the youngest brother, Carl. His obituary names one of the surviving sisters as Mrs. Amelia Weber, "with whom he made his home" in the town of Oconomowoc. This was the first definitive naming of one of the sisters seen in an obituary, and the first instance I'd found of that spelling in connection with this sister. The use of her given name with her title, along with the residence differing from that given in the previous family obituaries, indicates the likelihood that she was widowed by 1920. There is an Amelia Weber buried in the same section of La Belle Cemetery as several other members of this family, with birth and death dates of 1861 and 1932, respectively. Further confirmation that this grave is Amelia Stargard's is the obituary for brother Julius Stargard, who died in 1934; in it, there is no mention of a surviving sister named Mrs. Weber, implying she preceded her brother in death. There is also a death record for a Chas. August Weber (b. 5 Feb 1851, d. 1902) that names his spouse as Emilia Stargard, and their place of residence as Lowell, Dodge Cty, Wisconsin. (Lowell and Loyal, where her father's obituary mentioned she lived, would be easy phonetic mix-ups, to my thinking.) Charles Weber (sometimes called Carl August Weber) is buried in Lowell, Dodge Cty, Wisconsin, with his first wife Anna, who died in 1898. He married Amelia in 1900, and he himself died in 1902.

By process of elimination, that leaves the youngest sister Wilhelmina as the wife of George Sennhenn. There is a marriage record for a Wilhelmine Stargard (parents "Karl Stargert" and "Augusta Schoen") to a George Sennhenn (born in Hellenville, Jefferson Cty, WI) on 30 Nov 1893. A further search for George Sennhenn turns up US Census records from 1910 to 1930 that show him (as "George F.") with wife "Wilhelmine E.," age 44 in 1910, and "Wilema," age 52 in 1920. The 1930 record reports them as "Geo. F.," age 62, and "Willamena," age 64. The initial reference I had that names her Maria is the transcription of the 1870 US Census record for her parents' household, and inspection of the record would suggest the name Maria was a misreading of the handwriting. One of the sons that appears in George Sennhenn's household in the 1910 US Census, Clarence, has his parents named on his birth and christening index record as Wilhelmine Stargart and George Sennhenn. I've not yet located burial sites for either of them, nor do I have death dates.


    1. Stargard, Carl L.
      1. Schoen, Augusta D. [I0183]
        1. Stargard, Louise [I0423]
        2. Stargard, Amelia [I0424]
        3. Stargard, Julius [I0069]
        4. Stargard, Helena [I0425]
        5. Stargard, Wilhelmina [I0426]
        6. Stargard, Carl F. [I1439]

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