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Photo, 23rd Oct 2010

This domain was the evolution of some of my original online presence, as I started the original fansite for author Sharon Shinn at a time when she had neither a web presence nor an email address. Her internet prowess and involvement have increased drastically over the years, and her site has made my efforts increasingly unnecessary as a primary promotional effort. I've been thankful for this change, as family life's demands on my time have grown steadily over the years, leaving me less time to keep a fansite up-to-date. In the meantime, my usage of the domain for hosting some of my own material has grown significantly, as I've had more to host for public and personal use.

Photo, 3rd Aug 2019

Professionally, I started my career as a chemist in the adhesives and specialty polymers industry, with my primary expertise in waterborne technologies. Most of that twenty-year span was spent in product and process development roles, and an education that included a good deal of engineering proved most helpful. The bulk of my work has been on compounded emulsion adhesives for packaging, converting, and product assembly markets; I have peripheral expertise in other technologies, including mastics, thermoplastics, and polyurethanes. In recent years, an increasing amount of my work was devoted to product line and market management, before finally stepping into sales. More recently, I have left the adhesives industry to move into the broader world of fine and specialty chemicals, working primarily in business development.

In my personal time, I sing choral and solo music, usually as a tenor and occasionally a baritone; participate actively in multisport and (most years) train extensively to compete; work on genealogy research for our various family lines; read voraciously (and occasionally a bit too ambitiously); and spend time with my wife and our children. Other hobbies get a bit of attention now and then, such as kiting, attending concerts and theatre (including the symphony), and playing the occasional video game or game of cards.

Photo, 26th Jan 2014

The sidebars, of course, have additional information shared, including links to some of the other hosted content on this domain (notably my genealogy research and an index of my hardcover library). I am not active on the common personal social network services, nor on blogs or sharing sites (though I do have a LinkedIn profile), so direct contact by email is the best way to get in touch with any questions.