30th December 2018 - Substantial update!

A new laptop with a new OS meant that the software I use for my genealogy database required an update. This also prompted a large overhaul to some of the records and structure:

For further background information on this work, please see the introduction page. To dive right into a search, try the individuals or surnames pages. Privacy settings are active for anyone still living or deceased within the last twenty years, and will show only full names (no dates, details, notes, or photos).

This entire work is still in progress, with active research on multiple family lines still ongoing. More information is being found, some notes and dates are being corrected, photos are being scanned and added, and time elapses, dropping the privacy filters on those deceased more than twenty years. Check back now and then to see what's new.

Contact and information requests

For more information, including GEDCOM files, contact Scott Thomas, scott@plainofsharon.org .